Little Rooster Bread Company is rooted on Lubbers Family Farm, a family-owned sustainable farm in West Michigan. It echoes the values of the place in which it grows. Its products reflect that flavor. What is daily baked here on this farm is daily delivered locally bringing with it time honored farm freshness. 

Little Rooster uses the old world art of fermentation. The production of a loaf of bread is measured in days, not hours. Only the passage of time can invoke the presence of whole grains. The result is a bread that is richly flavored, full bodied, lightly textured and honey browned. We use local and certified organic ingredients. All of our products are made right here on the the farm and delivered fresh to you!


Good bread cannot be rushed. Ever.

Because all of our breads are fermented, these loaves are healthful, flavorful and light, but will stand up to a multitude of special uses. Current varieties of pan breads include: Multi-Grain, 100% Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin, Wild Rice and Onion.

We regularly make Rosemary Rolls, Garlic Pepper Rolls, Harvest Rolls, Hamburger Buns, Hotdog Buns and a classic sesame seeded Hoagie. We would welcome the opportunity to make a signature bun for you. Because they’re hand-made, we can change the shape, size and the flavorings. Make it special to your establishment.

Our newest products, crackers and crunchers, are available in these varieties: Rooster Scratch Cracker, Garlic Pepper Cracker, Fire Cracker, Sesame Cracker, and Garlic & Herb Crunchers. We can make these special for you too.